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Structural Project: Antisemitism in the Diverse Society

The KIgA is supported in the context of the federal program "Live Democracy!" as a federal actor, in order to offer educational and consultation services countrywide in the topic of antisemitism.

The project "Antisemitism in the Diverse Society" is dedicated to these  four pillars:
(1) further education and training of multipliers,
(2) international networking,
(3) contribution to public debates and intervention in social discourses as well as
(4) engagement against antisemitism in the society.

Education of Multipliers

The broad range of further education and training courses aim at multipliers throughout Germany. The theory and practice workshops and seminars are tailormade to suit different time scopes and target groups. Through a one-year train-the-trainer program, civic educators were qualified to conduct workshops and seminars for KIgA on antisemitism.

International Networking

KIgA founded the "European Network - Combatting Antisemitism through Education" in 2019 with the support of the Federal Foreign Office, the EVZ Foundation and the USHMM. The Network is a platform for european educational organizations that are active in the field of antisemitism-critical educational work and willing to exchange their knowledge on pedagogical approaches, methods, and discourses within the framework of the network.

In addition to international exchanges of experts with Turkish and US-American partners, KIgA promotes Jewish-Muslim alliances throughout Germany and on the transatlantic level in cooperation with its US-American partner, the Inter Jewish Muslim Alliance (IJMA).

Contribution to Public Debates and Intervention in Social Discourses

KIgA addresses the relevant audiences through the media, public events, and publications in the fields of civic education and antisemitism. Likewise, it influences the professional debate around antisemitism prevention.

Engagement against Antisemitism in the Diverse Society

Since 2018, KIgA fosters an educational project for religious Muslim women in Bielefeld. In weekly seminars, the women deal with the topic of group-related enmity with a strong focus on antisemitism and anti-Muslim racism. This project is desired to serve as a model for similar initiatives in other cities.