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European Network – Countering Antisemitism through Education

Recent figures show us intolerance and antisemitism are on the rise in Europe. Educational activities combating antisemitism often remain ineffective to address this issue even though there are several educational organizations in Europe. It is mostly due to lack of capacity and exchange between players. The current collaboration between educational NGOs is mostly not steady nor coordinated.

Hence, in 2019, KIGA initiated a European network for civil society to combat antisemitism and bigotry through education. ENCATE has the mission of strengthening the capacity and visibility of civil society organizations that educate society against antisemitism.

ENCATE understands education as an essential tool to counter antisemitism and connects European organizations that have programs in the context of formal, informal, or non-formal education. It is a platform to share, to learn, and to grow our impact together. As the impact of educational tools and actions will be advanced, ENCATE´s work is a sustainable contribution to democratic values and full enjoyment of human rights in society.

Supporting this mission, ENCATE employs two particular objectives:


Objective 1: Co-learning Platform

The first objective is to be a co-learning and exchange platform for its member organizations to facilitate the acquirement of new knowledge, educational resources, and skills.

The member organizations explore and exchange new tools, methodologies, theoretical approaches, and materials in the field of education to prevent contemporary forms of antisemitism.


Objective 2: Recognition and Visibility

ENCATE aims to improve the recognition and visibility of the educational organizations sensitizing different audiences against antisemitism. It focuses on developing communication strategies for reaching out to stakeholders that can provide resources and facilitate activities of ENCATE members.

ENCATE aims to make the educational work visible by showing that civil society on the ground is continuously confronting antisemitism and other forms of bias.



ENCATE creates and conducts relevant activities to increase the capacities of its members -- such as workshops, exchanges, study visits, and pilot projects. The below list includes main activities:

1. Network Meetings

These meetings are the essential yearly gatherings of the Network, consisting of two main components. The first part is a learning platform, where member organizations share their educational practices and experiences. The second part of the meetings is more about operational issues about the Network.

2. Study Visits

ENCATE plans study visits for its members, where they can explore new ideas, projects, and approaches. The study visits are firstly open to the members, and they will address specific issues or give them the chance to explore the work of primary institutions in relevant areas like antisemitism, remembrance, and Holocaust education.

3. Bilateral Exchanges

ENCATE organizes bilateral or multilateral job shadowing visits as an in-depth knowledge and experience transfer activity.

4. Pilot Projects

The Network members can develop pilot projects to address any need in the field of education, which genuinely complement gaps in the field. ENCATE supports to disseminate the calls and results of the activities in its communication channels.

5. Communication Activities

ENCATE will launch a website soon. It already hast the following social media accounts, which primarily target to inform civil society and other stakeholders.






ENCATE can engage in advocacy work to influence educational policies of national, European, or international institutions.