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Organizations of the following profiles can join ENCATE:

  • Non-profit or not-for-profit;
  • Non-governmental organizations based in one of the Council of Europe countries;
  • Having educational programs to prevent contemporary forms of antisemitism;
  • Open to intersectional approaches in terms of different kinds of group-focused enmities (e.g., Islamophobia, misogyny, transphobia, and antigypsyism.)
  • Willing to learn and employ inclusive educational methods that consider sensitivities and experiences of different target groups, including groups like refugees, rural residents, the Roma, or young Muslims.
  • Willing to learn and share their educational knowledge and methods with other Network members;
  • Assign at least one contact person who has the capacity to influence the educational strategies of the organization.


At the moment, ENCATE has formally nine member organizations.

Anne Frank Trust UK, Anne Frank Zentrum (Deu), CEJI (Bel), Haver Foundation (Hun), Humanity in Action Germany, KIgA (Deu), Maison D’Izieu (Fra), Solutions not Sides (UK), and Terraforming (Srb).