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Discover Diversity – Between the Present and the Past

It is a three-year project that aims at the inclusion of young refugees in historical and civic education, with a particular focus on antisemitism and the so-called Middle East conflict.

The project is based on three pillars:

1) A train-the-trainer program for young people with a refugee background qualifies the participants to develop and conduct workshops for youth, e.g., in schools. In the workshops, the participants discuss topics such as arriving in Germany, identity, diversity and living together as an approach to discuss sensitive topics such as National Socialism, antisemitism, or other forms of discrimination. Our objective is to incorporate narratives and perspectives of refugees in the pedagogical practice.

2) Building on the experiences from the train-the-trainer-program, we start an expert network in Fall 2019 that brings together practitioners of and without refugee background from all over Germany to discuss the outcomes stemmed from their fieldwork.

3) Eventually, the experiences are being made accessible to pedagogical practitioners through multiplier seminars.

Project Duration: 1/2019 – 12/2021

Head of Project: Orkide Ezgimen

Pedagogical Team: Anna Gold, Amer Katbeh, Helen Sophia Müller