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Origin of the Kreuzberg Initiative against Anti-Semitism

The rise in anti-Semitism that has grown increasingly visible in Berlin and other Muslim-influenced areas of the population was one of the decisive factors in the founding of the Kreuzberg Initiative against Anti-Semitism (KIgA). After the anti-Semitic terrorist attacks on synagogues in Istanbul in 2003, we first founded the “Migrant Initiative against Anti-Semitism,” which would later become KIgA, conceived as a reaction against the increasing anti-Semitism in our immediate social environment.

Since 2004, KIgA has been supported by the federal Civitas program and Entimon, among others, and it has quickly attained a national profile. Since late 2005, the Kreuzberg Initiative against Anti-Semitism has been financed by a nonprofit organization (KIgA e.V.). After the temporary interruption of the federal support program at the end of 2006, KIgA resumed its work in the fall of 2007. Our current work focuses on the further development of an anti-anti-Semitic educational program.

In the early years, we focused on issues of civil society, organizing various events and monitoring anti-Semitic developments. But above all, we devoted our energy to the pedagogical treatment of the topic of anti-Semitism via new approaches (see “Approach”).

Our concern is to sensitize the public to these issues and their intrinsic complexity; to develop pedagogical counterstrategies; to apply said strategies in work with heterogeneous groups of students, with particular consideration for youth with Moslem backgrounds; and to provide educators with the necessary training for such work.