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ENCATE Lunch-Talk: A Tea in Samarkand. Stories of Exile.


ENCATE is inviting you to the 22th ENCATE Lunch Talk.

This Lunch Talk is the last one for 2022 and it will be a special one, as you will read below:

The „Un Tè a Samarkand. Storie in Esilio” (Tea in Samarkand. Stories in Exile) project stems from the need to break down the mainstream narrative and change the perspective on the stories of exile in Italy, moving from a generalizing narrative in favor of a first-person and cross-cultural one. The project is based on the CDEC Foundation’s decade-long experience in collecting testimonies and studying the phenomenon of Jewish migration and exile. Taking a transcultural and intersectional approach, the film touches on several issues (traditions, discrimination, trauma, belonging, etc.) by means of the personal experiences of the documentary’s protagonists who come from various communities and have suffered discrimination and persecution related to their identities, ethnicity, religion (or atheism), sexual orientation, gender, etc. In addition to sharing the condition of exile, what emerges from this documentary is that although they come from different countries and cultures, the protagonists involved have elements, traditions, customs, etc., that unite them: both those who have arrived in Italy less than three years ago and those who have been here for more
than fifty.

Some information about our speakers:

Patrizia Baldi is a pedagogist. She has been working at Fondazione CDEC since 2008. She started to work at the Historical Archive, where she began to research about the effects of anti-Jewish fascist laws in Italian schools. In 2017 she was appointed as head of the new Educational Area, which she set up linking everything Italy has to offer about Holocaust studies, Heritage Education and Human Rights Education as well, in order to fight antisemitism and other forms of discrimination.

Murilo is an Italo-Brazilian researcher at the Observatory of Antisemitism, a department of CDEC Foundation in Milan, Italy, where he monitors, researches, and takes part in educational programs to tackle antisemitism in Italy. He holds a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Global Politics and Society, both from the University of Milan. He is very interested and passionate about social issues, anti-discrimination and anti-hate speech policies, environmental issues, and human rights.

We encourage you to submit any questions you may have in advance of the session to ENCATE, and to think about any specific questions or points you would like to discuss.

Please register for the talk by clicking the link below. The meeting will be held on Zoom and recorded for documentation purposes.

And, of course, spread the word and bring your meal with you!